AglaeaGroup - Cocky Cheerleader Draining a Dick


AglaeaGroup - Cocky Cheerleader Draining a Dick
Dakota catches you peeping on her while she's getting changed into her cheerleading outfit. She bursts through the closet door, catching you in the act, stiff cock in your hand. She throws you onto the bed and pins you down. With a sigh of frustration, she notices your hard-on and concedes to getting you off so that she can send you off. She starts by getting some spit onto your dick, and begins stroking you off. With a look of annoyance, she continues to twist her wrist along the shaft of your dick and play with your balls. With another exasperated sigh, she puts your throbbing cock into her mouth to hasten the process. She sucks and slurps your shaft and gargles your balls in her mouth, showing expert skill while firmly warning you not to cum in her mouth. While slobbering all over your meat, the sensation becomes explosive, and so do you, without warning, releasing a thick load of cum into Dakota's mouth. Disgusted and enraged, she spits the cum out onto the floor and demands you get up and get out. But, after a brilliant blowjob like that, who would be in a rush to leave?

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