AglaeaGroup - Desiree's Dildorific Shower


AglaeaGroup - Desiree's Dildorific Shower
Desiree loves getting frisky when she gets wet. She leaves a big blue dildo in her shower for every time she needs to get clean - it's like she's trying to clean herself inside & out! She steps into the shower and flicks the dick with her finger before turning the water on. Teasing the dildo, she then gets down on her knees and starts throating it, gagging on the big, blue boner. She gets up and turns around, turning her ass to the cobalt cock, slowly easing it into her pussy. She starts bucking against the dick suctioned cupped to the wall, fucking herself furiously until she sits herself down and goes to town on her wet slit. She glides the massive turquoise stiffy deep in & out of her craving cunt until she shakes and shutters in pleasure.

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