AglaeaGroup - Two Balloons At My Fingertips


AglaeaGroup - Two Balloons At My Fingertips
Channy has blown up a purple, 36-inch balloon to bounce on in her pretty white thigh highs and lingerie. She brings along a 12-inch yellow balloon to blow up and, when the time is right, to stuff into her hot, wet pussy as she rubs her clit until she pops just like her enormous balloon. Channy starts her looney playtime with some rubbing, squeaking, and spanking of her tight, yet soft, balloon. She gets more excited the more she plays with her purple balloon, so she hops on top of it to bounce on it as she pulls her panties aside to rub her clit. Channy takes her limp yellow balloon and stuffs it into her pussy right before she POPS her purple balloon, which makes her POP. Channy is so turned on by all that popping that she rubs the purple balloon pieces over her shaking, post-orgasmic body. She can't wait to blow up another balloon sometime soon!

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