Bigsexy Films - Athena May's Out of Pants Lapdance


Bigsexy Films - Athena May's Out of Pants Lapdance
I had been checking out Athena at the club all night, and when given the opportunity to take her back into the VIP room for a half hour dance, I couldn't resist. She is so fucking sexy and cute as the proverbial button! She started out sitting on my lap, and she didn't flinch when I started squeezing her titties and her round butt cheeks. In fact, she didn't flinch no matter what I did during the entire dance! Once she was naked, I sucked on her breasts and played with her pussy. When I suggested she sit on my face... she didn't hesitate! While she was up there, I took out my cock and started jerking off. When I asked her to tease my cock with her pussy, she sat right down on it! I was expecting a little slip and slide... but I didn't expect to slide right inside! Holy fuck! I was rawdogging this babe right there in the VIP! Before the dance was over, she'd ridden me from the front and the back, sucked my cock and balls, and I'd gotten naked, gone down on her, and fucked her while she lay on her back and in doggy style. I finally came on her tongue as she licked and sucked my cock and balls. What an epic lapdance! This scene is dynamite!

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