Bigsexy Films - Azula Vayne - Stripper Creampied Twice


Bigsexy Films - Azula Vayne - Stripper Creampied Twice
I was sitting in the park minding my own business when an attractive young girl walked by and stopped to say that she recognized me from somewhere. It turned out that she is a dancer at Little Angels, a local strip club. We talked a bit, and I made a comment that lap dances in strip clubs are never really satisfying. She agreed that it might be fun to do one outside of the club. I was staying at a hotel nearby, and she agreed to come over... It was pretty obvious where that was going to go! She gave me a dirty lap dance, I sucked on her lovely breasts and she let me finger her pussy. Now that's a lap dance! I was hard as fuck, and she was grinding her wet pussy on my cock. She must have been excited, because she got down on her knees, pulled out my cock, and started sucking on it. Before you know it, I was fucking her. her pussy was so tight! I put her on the bed, ate her pussy, and then fucked her doggy style until I came inside her. The wasn't all, though. I was so turned on that I wanted more. She sucked my cock and then I fucked her again and gave her another creampie! Production Notes: Azula is a sexy model that I met online. I'm not positive, but this may have been her first porn shoot. She has such an amazing natural, petite dancers body. I still run into her sometimes at Little Angels...

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