EroticaBabes - Abigail Toyne feeling the vibes


EroticaBabes - Abigail Toyne feeling the vibes
Abigail Toyne has a little friend to play with, it's a mini massager. She chats to you about what she is going to do. She is topless and knickerless, wearing a girdle with suspenders and stockings. She poses and moves around. Showing you her body, she goes onto all fours, doggy style, pushing her pussy into the camera. She moves up to the headboard and site with her back against it, then slides forward and lays on her back. She plays with her stocking feet and shows you her plump pussy lips. She parts her lips for you and extends her legs. Then she pulls herself back to her headboard and spreads her legs. She plays with her boobs and then reaches for her massager. She turns it on and it buzzes loudly. She plays along her inner thighs and then moves towards her nipples to make them a little bit harder. First one and then the other. We are in close with the camera and you get a great view of the top on her nipples. She goes for her pussy and plays with the toy on her lips. Legs open and the toy stings her clit with pleasure. Her neat pussy needs to be spread to enjoy the toy, which she does. Pushing it onto her pussy lips and clit. You can see she is enjoying the pleasure it gives her. The scene was shot with 2 cameras, a wide shot and a close up. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the video. Abigail raises her legs and plays with her pussy lips as they bulge out of her thighs. She loves the feeling on the toy. She moves position. Gives the toy a lick and then goes back to her pussy. It's crying out of more pleasure. We get in close with the camera give you some real close ups of the toy buzzing on her pussy. She pulls away and rubs her clit with her fingers whilst pushing the toy onto her nipples. Her pleasure is heightening. She teases her feet with the toy, moving it over her toes, insole and back up her leg to her inner thighs and back to her pussy. You can hear the note of the toy change as she pushes it into her pussy lips. She is pushing it hard as sometimes it almost stops completely! She's getting close to orgasm. She stops, rubs and spreads her pussy with her hand. Abigail gets onto all fours and raises one leg high. She pushes the toy back to her pussy and gives it a good old vibe. She is feeling the vibes, she's reached her high point. She then swaps her pose again. This time kneeling on the bed facing the camera, she plays with her nipples, brushing the toy across them. She has enjoyed the toy and it's pleasure giving vibes

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