EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen catches peeping tom


EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen catches peeping tom
Ariel is underdressing in her bedroom after a long day at work. She takes off her red sating blouse and black mini skirt. You continue to look through a crack in the door, peeping on this show as you often do. You love sharing this house with Ariel as a flat mate. Ariel reveals she is wearing black stockings, suspender belt, bra and knickers in a fetching black matching set. She sits on the bed and removes her high heels, rubbing her feet and massaging them as they have been cramped up in her shoes all day! Then the worst happens! She spots you and cries out! She demands you come into the room. She makes you sit down in front of her while she remonstrates with you. She has the control and the power now. You are no longer an invisible voyeur, you feel very uncomfortable and that clearly shows. Ariel picks up on it and then pushes her advantage. She tells you that you will watch her masturbate and orgasm and you must remain fully clothed. You feel on edge, aroused and yet frightened. You've never been so close to a nude woman before. Ariel tells you that you can look but not touch, you will never get to squeeze her tits or fuck her. Ariel then decides that you should put on a show for her. She tells you that she wants to pull our your cock and masturbate in front of her while she stares at you.

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strip tease humiliation lace/lingerie voyeur masturbation humiliation