EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen fat spank


EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen fat spank
Ariel introduces the scene explaining that she's been worried about putting on weight, gaining fat and cellulite. A friend has given her a medical secret that all the big stars and celebs are doing. She's brought a medal paddle to spank away the fat. She's using a heavy lexan paddle, but purely for medical reasons. She's convinced it's not at all sexual. Ariel starts on there inner thighs, paddling and spanking. She feels the sting and believes it must be doing good as it's a medical procedure. Ariel confirms that her butt is the biggest area that she needs to work on and turns around to show you. She starts to spank her ass and we follow her progress. She continues to spank for a while then stands up by the side of the bed to continue. She also has a paddle on her boobs too! Then back on the bed she lays on her back and spanks the backs of her thighs. Finally she spanks her pussy too for good measure. We have added a section of slow motion on the end of the video so not to break up the flow of the scene, plus Ariel talks a lot! LOL. Another super scene from Ariel and the slow motion sequence is brilliant. Slowed down to 75% normal speed with no loss of quality. Filmed with high end HD cameras and separate audio. To our normal high quality standard.

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