EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen nude treadmill workout


EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen nude treadmill workout
Ariel has decided she needs to get her ass rock hard, and the rest of her body too! She has purchased a treadmill and has decided to workout in the nude on it. She feels that 30 minutes once a year is quite sufficient to keep herself toned and fit. She how she gets on. She chats to you throughout the video and gives an amusing and interesting commentary on her progress. This was filmed with 2 high-end cameras and swaps between the two viewpoints throughout the video. There is a whole section on the end in slow motion, it seemed a shame to shoehorn it into the commentary for the main scene, so you can enjoy her jiggling and rippling flesh in slow motion for some 15 minutes! Yes you read that right. This is a blockbuster epic duration of just under 20 minutes. Just under half of that is the slow motion sequence at the end - of the joy, so don't cum too early! We spend most of the video concentrating on Ariel's thighs, bum and legs. There close up and wide shots with cut-always to her face, boobs, and other actions with the treadmill. If you like watching girls in the nude exercising then this is for you. If you also like to see them in slow motion, then this is also the video for you!

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