EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe bush safari


EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe bush safari
Ellie Roe walks into shot and we spend the entire video looking up at her. Shot with a high end quality HD camera the video is crystal clear and sharp. You can see all the detail of Ellie as she moves around above your head. Imagine yourself laying on the floor looking up as she moves around you. Ellie swaps positions showing you her pussy and thighs and then turns to show her ass. Her large natural boobs look so hot and sexy from this angle. Ellie looks down on you, saying nothing for the entire scene she moves and poses for your pleasure. She has a fantastic body, a nice prominent bush and tiny blonde hairs over her body. If you want to lay back and study the female form in all its beauty then this is for you.

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