EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou bunny tail boob bouncing


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou bunny tail boob bouncing
Gemma is dressed in a bunny girl outfit and a crop. She is teasing you as her leotard is see through, totally sheer. You can see her massive boobs and large nipples pushing against the material. Oh they look fabulous. Gemma chats to you about being dressed up in her outfit. She runs through a range of poses which involves squeezing and shaking her boobs. Bouncing and pressing her tits together. She turns around and playfully spanks her ass, as well as her boobs. She gets down on the floor and continues to pose on all fours. Facing the camera she shakes, wobbles and bounces her boobs. We have two cameras filming this scene and we swap between the two viewpoints throughout the duration of the scene. There is also some slow motion sequences during the video too. Right at the end of the video Gemma rips the material of her bodysuit and you hear the ripping of the material as get to see her boobs pop out of the material. She finishes off with a last boob shimmy in your face and then picks up the crop from the floor and squeezes her tits around it. A hot and sexy looking Gemma in this scene for sure.

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