EroticaBabes - Jaye Rose butt naked


EroticaBabes - Jaye Rose butt naked
As Jaye Rose says, "this is how you like me best...nice and naked except for my heels". She shows you her tight little pussy and talks dirty to you. She shakes her ass and makes is bounce and wiggle. Spanking it as she does. She spreads her ass pulling her pussy lips. She gives you a running commentary about what you'd like to do to her. Sliding your big cock into her pussy and ass. She then turns around and plays with her big tits. She bounces up and down, and still talks to you giving you direction and commands about what you should be doing. She puts her fingers into her mouth and sucks noisily on her. She lays on her back and spreads her thighs and simulates being fucked. Bouncing back and forwards whilst continuing with her dirty talk. Playing with her clit and spanking it with her finger. Rubbing and playing with herself. She grabs her big tits and jiggles her ass. She rolls over onto and then stands up against the headboard. Legs open, she pushes her ass towards your face. She asks if you want to cum over her nice juicy ass. She says you can pick whichever of her holes you want to cum in. She gets on all fours, shaking, spanking and pushing her ass in the air. There's two camera angles used here, a close up and a medium wide short, we swap between the two angles throughout the video. There's great audio quality and you can hear all of Jade's chatter and dirty talk as she moves about and eggs you on to spunk on her ass

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