EroticaBabes - Maria Lee pink rabbit


EroticaBabes - Maria Lee pink rabbit
Maria Lee is seated on a chair wearing a bra and panties and a tight short denim skirt. She removes the skirt in the first minute of the video and poses in her bra and panties caressing her body and showing her curves. She removes her bra at 02:15 MM:SS to reveal her cute tits and nipples. She turns her attention to her panties and ass. Changing position so she pushes her ass towards the camera and allows her to easily remove her panties. By 03:30 MM:SS she is nude apart from her shoes! Maria picks up the pink rabbit vibrator and teases herself with it. You get a quick glimps of her meaty pussy lips and she shows you that her nipples have hardended and are now erect. She turns on the tuy and runs it up and down her body. Teasing her nipples in turn with the tip of the toy. She plays the toy along her inner thighs and pussy lips. She inserts the toy into her pussy at 06:23 MM:SS and moans and groans with pleasure. She works the toy in and out and you can hear the and see the toy working and roatating as she moves it in and out. The tips of the rabbit ears play on her meaty clit hood. She has a great pair og meaty pussy lips for sure. She pulls the toy out and massages it against her pussy lips before sliding it back insider herself. There's cut aways to her face and expression during the scene. We get in close with the camera so you can see the toy pumping in and out of her pussy. There is also an overhead view looking down between her open legs. The rabbit toy is one of the favourite toys as it does a great job on the clit. At 10:00 MM:SS we swap to a low down angle looking up towards Maria's open legs and face. It's a great viewpoint. We are in close again so you can see her pumping away on the toy. Her moans and groans increase in frequency as the toy works its magic on her pussy and clit. She orgasms and then plays with the toy across her pussy as she comes down from her orgasm. This is a great clip with some great close up sequences. It was shot on our old Canon Hanycam in HD 1080 so the audio track is a littly buzzy in places, this is masked once the rabbit toy gets going as it's noise drowns out the slight buzz.

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