EroticaBabes - Michelle Monaghan exercise regime


EroticaBabes - Michelle Monaghan exercise regime
Michelle Monaghan is fit, we know that! Now we know how she keeps herself trim. Michelle is in the gym and start off doing some stretching exercises. She has no bra on under her top and she has a pair of black shorts. She picks up some small hand weights and uses those for a while. The camera swaps between a wide and close up view throughout the video. Michelle is working out in front of a full length mirror so you get to see two views of her at the same time, front and back. After a while of exercising Michelle is obviously getting a little hot, so she decides to remove some clothes, besides there's no-one else in the gym. She start with removing just her top, and continues to exercise. She does some crunches and you can see her big natural boobs move about as she stretches. She then changes to doing press ups and her boobs hang down, with the mirror doing a great job of giving you two views of her boobs, front and back! Her boobs are so big they get squashed on the floor. Her next segment is on the pink exercise ball and Michelle bounces up and down on it letting her boobs bounce along with her motion. There's some slow motion sequences in this part where you can see the weight of her boobs as she bounces. Then it's time for a bit of skipping. Michelle's boobs are not built for skipping, but she gives it a go and you can see her boobs bounce and jiggle as she skips, again there are some slow motion sequences here too

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