EroticaBabes - Michelle Monaghan late client


EroticaBabes - Michelle Monaghan late client
Michelle is preparing the clinic's couch for her last customer before lunch. She preps the couch and lays out the towels. She is wearing her short white uniform which barely conceals her massive tits. Once it's done she checks the time and it's obvious the person is late. She's not good at being kept waiting. She sits down on the couch and keeps checking the clock, time seems to stand still. Michelle decides that the client is a no-show. So she breaks out the Hitachi Wand and starts to try it out on herself. Her hands, nose, and legs. She pulls up her uniform to reveal her thighs and runs the wand up and down her legs and then up towards her boobs. She works the vigrating head around her bra and teases her nipples. The pushes the head into her cleavage. She is starting to get aroused and horny. She undoes the top buttons of her tunic and then removes it completely. She spends more time with the want, massaging her boobs. She reclines on the couch to get more comforatble. The wand's vibrations are doing their job. She is loving the sensation and feeling the head gives her as she skims it over her body. It's time to take her bra off and pull out those big tits. She removes her bra and spends time on her nipples and boobs for a bit. She lays down completely now, getting comfortable for what's about to happen. The camera moves to an overhead viewpoint and you get to see Michelle play with her big boobs and massage her nipples and boob flesh. At 9:30 Michelle moves the head of the wand down to her knickers and teases her pussy. Her knickers soon come off so she has open access to her pussy and clit. She runs the head back and down her body, syopping longer to play it over her pussy. You can see she is really enjoying it and grinding and rocking into the motion of the wand. Miichelle changes position and moves onto all fours, letting her tits hang down. She carries on with the want massaging her pussy and her boobs. It's a great view of those massive tits waiting be to grabbed from behind. Michelle moves around into some more poses and ends up seated with legs open and the want doing its job on her pussy and boobs. She reaches orgasm right towards the end of the video. There are two main camera angles in this video, a close up and a medium wide angle. We swap between the two views during over the course of this video

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