EroticaBabes - Sapphire Blue & Donna Austin tickling


EroticaBabes - Sapphire Blue & Donna Austin tickling
Sapphire is tickling Donna in this video. Why, because she can. Both girls are nude throughout the video, Donna is sitting on a low stool and Sapphire is working her magic tongue over Donna's body. Sapphire drops to the floor and starts to lick and tickle Donna's feet. She is very ticklish. Donna soon starts giggling like a little girls. We shot this scene with 2 cameras, a wide and close up. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the video. Sapphire turns up the intensity of the tickling and Donna is in constant giggles, with the odd very short pause. Sapphire sits up and starts to kiss and lick Donna's stomach and hips. She moves around her body with her long finger nails, sliding into her inner thighs and tickling as she goes. Sapphire is looking for that sweet spot, she finds one under Donna's armpits. Licking and tickling there sends Donna into fits of laughter. Sapphire loves this job, they kiss and Sapphire carries on making Donna laugh. Her feet are very ticklish so it seems. The girls end the video kissing and making up

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