LoneStarAngel - A Quiet House: The Hosts are Napping


LoneStarAngel - A Quiet House: The Hosts are Napping
Last week I took a trip to the midwest to visit family and friend’s. There is no fantasy or “role-play” with this video; it actually happened. The couple that I was staying with took a nap after having some adult beverages, so they were out for awhile. I took a chance on filming a naughty video while they slept it off. At one point I think he was somewhat restless because I could hear him coughing, but he didn’t get out of bed, so I continued finger fucking myself… although I was a bit on edge because I’d have had to grab my camera and tripod and tiptoe down the hallway. Thankfully, we were not interrupted. I am extremely turned on and so wet you can hear my pussy juice while giving myself an orgasm…

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