LoneStarAngel - Watering Plants for a Friend


LoneStarAngel - Watering Plants for a Friend
I have been asked to take care of a friends home, by watering the plants and to make sure everything is okay, while they are gone. I have always loved their bar, but never had the courage to ask them if I could get naked, masturbate and make a video. Now I have the chance to do something naughty, without them knowing it. You could say that I am an opportunist, but while I may be that, I am also doing them a favor. I forgot to bring a dildo with me, so I’m left to use my fingers and you can hear how wet I am. I was incredibly turned on by doing something so mischievous and what some would consider wrong. I spread my legs, finger fuck myself to orgasm and then bend over the barstool, having another orgasm, making me want more. In the end, I ask you to cum with me and the final orgasm was intense, wet and loud. I zoomed the camera in to show you how wet I was and you could also see my lips aching, pulsating, wanting it from you. I need your cum. Give it to me.

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