MySweetApple - Jacuzzi Sex Over the Amalfitan Coast


MySweetApple - Jacuzzi Sex Over the Amalfitan Coast
This is the second part of our trip to Napoli and we decided to rent a house on top of the Amalfitan Coast with a Jacuzzi overviewing all the coast. It was such a hot day but we were under the shade of some lemon trees, having some homemade lemonade and enjoying the peaceful afternoon in the warm jacuzzi water. We could hear our neighbours chatting really close and wondered if they could see us if we started fucking, which we did and to be honest, a minute into it we completely forgot about everything around us. We still tried to keep it gentle and quiet, which turned into one of the most horny, wet sex we've ever had. Why is it that when you're at risk of being seen it all gets even better? Enjoy these holidays with us and don't forget to heart the video and subscribe!

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