Ondrea Lee - Cheesy Dinner Party Vore


Ondrea Lee - Cheesy Dinner Party Vore
(Vore NO Giant In POV I try to make you fit in my Oven! With POV uvula down the throat shot) Your invited over to a big dinner party but your the first one to arrive. I planned it that way. I tell you that I want to talk to you about something, I confess my feelings for you and seduce you. I tell you "there is plenty of time before the party" and "I want to try something kinky with you" I show you some rope and begin to tie you up, I also tell you im going to slip on something more sexy,i come back in the room with a apron over my nude body. You think its strange, but just go along with it anyway. Before you know it your tied up on my dining room table in a roasting pan looking face up, Im looking down at you and start rubbing you all over, feeling how fatty and tender you are, "I wish I had more time to fatten you up" I say to myself, I start laying down pieces of Swiss Cheese and talk about my love for cheese and examine all your body parts, I get a phone call, its a guest from the dinner party, I tell her what I'm doing and what to bring over. What would pair nice with you. I grate some cheddar cheese on you and jump on top of the table, covering you in more cheese and talking about my plans for you. I then see you have a hard on, "theres no way your going to fit in my oven with that!" I try to push it down but that doesn't work so I suck it blow job and hand job till you cum (squirt dildo cum shot) all over yourself and I declare how tasty you will be now. Im so excited how you will be so juicy and tender now, I put you right into my oven and close the door. "Just 45 min! I excitedly say" Im going to taste you before the guests arrive,(Outside POV while your in the oven) my stomach is making so much noise, I just cant wait for you to cook, I keep rubbing it, I just have to have a bite of you,(IN POV) I put a slice of you right into my mouth, the back of my throat, BIG GULP, view of my throat uvula is shown, down the hatch with you.

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