Ondrea Lee - Circumcised Dick Admiration


Ondrea Lee - Circumcised Dick Admiration
I'm so horny i decide to look through all the cock photos sent to me by my fans, you are also a fan who has sent me photos in the past as well. I am in search of the perfect cock so that I may cum, I keep finding all these uncircumcised cocks, where is that beautiful cut cock fan at, all these photos im commenting on, "this one looks like a dogs dick, why do uncircumcised dicks look like sea cucumbers?" I am so turned off. I start to talk about a past hookup who was uncircumcised, I had no idea till he pulled it out of his pants and it already started cumming right when i touched it. This is because the fore skin of the uncircumcised dick rubs on the cock head so much that they dont last long, they are inferior lovers. Having a foreskin is just a wet sack that you fuck, i go on in detail about my disgust for them. I worship cut cock and I tell you exactly why, I drop some history on you and cum really hard squirting all over myself as I worship cut cock when i finally land on the perfect set of pictures. I admire them so much, I then begin to tell you, this man in this picture, "you will be my breeding stud" I'm going to tie you up and fuck all your seeds out, I will have all my asian friends come over and fuck that superior cock and breed beautiful cut cocks. Only cut cocks are aloud to eat my pussy and rub their big helmets on my clit, I lift my clit and beg you to rub your cut dick on it, I beg to suck on your circumcised scar tissue. I am crazy for circumcised dicks. (no actual photos of dicks are shown, they are off to the side)

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