Ondrea Lee - Korean Girl Fat Guy Massage Cum Relief


Ondrea Lee - Korean Girl Fat Guy Massage Cum Relief
Korean massage girl walks her client to his private room, He tells her how much tension his body has been having and how stressed out he has been lately, he hopes she can be of help. She gives him instructions to undress and wear a small towel, she tries to find the problem, she begins asking him questions and massaging his back, it seems all the tension is in the lower part of the body, she notices his huge belly and small cock, she likes to grind her body on his belly, she has unique ways to massaging,she tells her client that he may touch her if he likes, it can help him feel better. She encourages him by picking up his limp arm and puts it on her ass, shes wearing yoga pants, she takes his hand and puts it on her breasts reminding him he can touch, he then starts to grab her, she takes out her tits and places them on his face, she carries on with the massage as normal, she tells him sucking his cock would help with his problem but after some sucking its still not enough, he is so tense I ask him she asks him "would a pussy help?" "how about my pussy?" She uses her mouth and pussy to release and relive his tension. Deepthroating his small cock, As she rides his cock she tells him to relax and release his tension as She worships his body, licking his belly with her long tongue and tugging his cock, she sucks his nipples and then nourishing him with her pussy as she sits on his face, facesitting and 69, she asks if hes feeling any better, she gives heath advice on as she sits on his face, she rides his cock squeezing her pussy muscles down hard and slow rocking and grinding sucking out her clients cum with her strong tight pussy muscles till he releases the tension inside of her (his creampie), it leaks down her leg, she starts masturbating her clit really hard and lets out a big cum squirt fountain and the rest of the creampie leaks out.

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