Ondrea Lee - Korean Girl Loves Fat Guy Repair Man


Ondrea Lee - Korean Girl Loves Fat Guy Repair Man
My husband is with talking with the repair man our television went out, as he works on the tv my husband runs to the bank to get some cash. I enter the room to find the repair man and wow I love his body, I start grabbing his ass and hitting on him. My husband calls me on the phone to tell me hes got a flat tire, I pull down the repair mans pants and start sucking his cock while on the phone with my husband. Sucking gagging and mumbling....he wont be back for awhile and I offer to pay the repair man in my own way. He accepts. I go completely crazy for his fat body, kissing his belly, grabbing it, squeezing it, watching how it shakes when he pounds into me hard, I start off so sweet and shy and I become unhinged cumming over and over, having cum for brains, animalistic completely nuts grunting and and completely lose my mind fucking him like crazy while my husband calls on the phone twice I talk while cheating on him.

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