Ondrea Lee - Mom and Son Phone Struggle Fuck


Ondrea Lee - Mom and Son Phone Struggle Fuck
Mom is on the phone with your father, she is talking about dinner plans and how his day is going when all of a sudden she notices her son walking around with no pants on, she is in shock, she tells your father what is happening around her, she calls her son over and says "your sister is in the living room, go put on some pants!" He doesn't listen to her, instead he grabs his mom and flips her over, pulls down her panties exposing a tramp stamp tattoo and fucks her doggy style while she is on the phone with your father. Your so strong and your cock is so huge that she is stuck and she struggles while your inside of her. She tells you how wrong this is, You fuck her in front of your sister, She asks for help calling for your sister, she calls your stepdad on the phone several times as you keep cucking him and fucking her doggystyle. She mentions how big your dick is, she kinda likes it but tells you to stop, you keep going Then you grab her head and shove your cock in her mouth, jacking off into her mouth, rubbing it on her lips fucking her throat and cumming all over her face.

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