Ondrea Lee - Older Sisters Seduce Brother Creampie


Ondrea Lee - Older Sisters Seduce Brother Creampie
Hi brother we just got back from the gym, we were talking in the car along the way here, we know youve been starring at our butts in these yoga pants. We want to let you know its okay, these pants are really tight on our butts, and that might make you feel funny. We want to relieve some stress for you brother, it will be our little secret! We jump on top of you and tease you in our yoga pants grinding on you and humping you rubbing on your jeans in our pants, talking dirty to you, it feels soooo good doesn't it brother? Do you touch yourself a lot? We take off your clothes, pulling them off, stripping you naked, we are going to drain you brother, we make you cum twice! So much dirty talk that your dick stays hard after you creampie one of us but brother we keep fucking and then jerk you you off till you cum again, we dont want to stop. ( Double Cum, POV, Taboo, Asian, Older Sister, Threesome, Interracial, Creampie, Shared Blowjob, Ball Sucking, Cow girl forward and reverse, Groping, Handjob, Hairy Pussy and Shaved Pussy, Stretch Yoga Pants, Work out Clothes, Dirty Talking)

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