Ondrea Lee - POV Mom Apron Sex


Ondrea Lee - POV Mom Apron Sex
Mommy is baking cookies on the kitchen island counter, wearing just her heels and apron she wants to make some cookies for her hungry son. You can see her hairy pussy up her apron as she bakes, she looks around for a wet ingredient to add to the cookie batter and decides its a good idea to use her squirt juices, its great nutrition for her son. She works up her juices by masturbating with her fingers and the wisk,a HUGE squirt unleashes into the mixing bowl, ahh perfect she begins mixing the batter. She then calls out her son to tell him the cookies are baking and he finds her legs open on the counter soaking wet. She keeps on her apron the entire time as she pulls out her tits and hikes up the apron to show her hairy bush. She says how horny she is, his father is away all the time and son looks so strong as he pounds his thick meat hard pounding into her pussy finally giving her what she needs. His Dad is a wimp and doesn't know how to take care of mommy like she deserves. Her pussy is so hairy her son can't believe it, he eats his moms cookie "pussy" and fucks it on the kitchen counter thrusting into her till he cums in her. She encourages and tells him he's a "good boy" He takes care of mommy with his cock and mouth till the cookies are done.

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