PenelopeP7272 - Breeding with Mommy on Valentines day


PenelopeP7272 - Breeding with Mommy on Valentines day
Its Valentines day and also your Mommys Birthday. You decide to treat her as dads been working way a lot, and you know Mommys been down lately as she desperately wants another son or daughter before she gets too old. Dad is never around and has been neglecting her in a big way. You arrange to take her out for a coffee in town but at the last minute tell her to meet you at a posh hotel. You have pulled out all the stops for your amazing Mommy, a Rose, A Chanel handbag she's been wanting for years and a bottle of champagne. You also have a very taboo present for her which you have been planning to give her for ages, today being Valentines and her birthday is the perfect day. You want to make your Mommy Pregnant as you know this is her only chance as your dad is only interested in his job and is never around. You love her so much and have fantasised about Fucking your Mommy for years. You want nothing more than to shoot your massive load of hot son cum into Mommys Cunt and make her pregnant. Keep it in the family and keep it pure. It feels so fucking right. Taboo Mommy/son roleplay, Creampie, Fucking, Dirty talking, Kink xx

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