sloansmoans - cheating in the next room- part 4 4K


sloansmoans - cheating in the next room- part 4 4K
CUSTOM FOR DAVID: The plot isn’t the only thing that thickens! Watch as I call you on FaceTime one night. Your wife Kim (AKA my best friend) texted me to let me know that she’s working late so I called you (her husband) to keep you company. We make small talk and I tell you to put your headphones in so we don’t bother Kim with our chatting. Once they’re in I tell you my real motive for the FaceTime call; I miss you, I want you, I desperately need you. I can’t stop thinking about your cock in my mouth. I then tease you with my tongue and mouth and tell you to go into the other room because I have a surprise for you. Once you’re in there I reveal my sexy lingerie and tell you that I want you to fuck me. I’m ready for you to completely cheat on your wife. I encourage you to jerk off as I tease you with my mouth and tongue and finger my pussy. I talk so dirty about you cheating on Kim and how badly I want you. I give you sexy views of my pussy and breasts up close too. Finally I lead you to cum for me as I cum too. You’re so naughty for jerking off while your wife is in the next room but we’ve done much naughtier activities. Next time I tell you that you will be fucking me… enjoy me, xo TONGUE FETISH/MOUTH FETISH/MUTUAL MASTURBATION/HOMEWRECKER/ROLE PLAY/CHEATING/FINGERING

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