TropicalLustXXX - Bedroom Bondage


TropicalLustXXX - Bedroom Bondage
Kendra had a very long day at work and just couldn't wait to get home and get into bed. Kendra eats a little something really fast then walks right upstairs to her room and turns off the lights and lays down right away. But Kendra forgot to lock her sliding back door before bed and a very unpleasant visitor came over to Kendra's house to have a little fun! He goes to her bedroom very quietly and gags Kendra before she can get up and scream. Then he tape Kendra's wrist, ankles, thighs and all around her arms to insure she can't go anywhere. After he is done with that he lays next to Kendra to fondly her tits and hairy little pussy! He has been waiting for just the right time to catch her off guard! He then puts Kendra to the side of the bed and pulls out his hard cock for her to suck it!! If Kendra doesn't then there will be more to pay so she sucks his cock and begs him to just leave and no one gets in trouble. He decides to just gag Kendra back up and leave her there all taped up and helpless.

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