TropicalLustXXX - Receptionist Bound&Gagged in the Office


TropicalLustXXX - Receptionist Bound&Gagged in the Office
It's just another causal day at the office for Kendra when some guy comes in and demands her to put her hand behind her back! He has some rope in his hands and begins to tie Kendra's arm up! Kendra pleads with him to let her go and she won't say a word to anyone about this, the man continues to tie her up and says not a word to her. Kendra then says she will scream if he doesn't let her go, well that didn't work out to well for Kendra! Once he has Kendra's upper body tied up he then cuts off her little white panties so he can see that big beautiful bush down there. He then takes Kendra's panties and stuffs them deep into her mouth and puts duck tape all around her head so no one can here her now for sure! He finally makes it to her ankles and ties them together so Kendra defiantly cant get away. Kendra struggles and yells but no one comes for her. The man comes back in and takes off Kendra's skirt and gives her a nice crotch rope! He lets her struggle for a bit then decides he wants to get a feel for that hairy muff and begins to fuck Kendra, but what he really wanted to do was fuck that beautiful mouth of hers so he pulled out her gag and shoved his big cock deep inside her throat and fucked it so good! He leaves Kendra there on the floor still tied up after finishing with her and doesn't say a word to her.

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