Xev Bellringer - Witch Shrinks You as Punishment


Xev Bellringer - Witch Shrinks You as Punishment
You have made that mistake or the last time. I'm going to let you in on my secret...I'm a witch. Yes, and as punishment I will shrink your penis by an inch. *SNAP* Oh my God, are you getting hard? Do you like being emasculated? Well you won't mind another inch or two off your cock then!*SNAP* Haha! I can't believe you're getting more aroused the smaller I make your penis. You better take it out and stroke it so I can see just how turned on your tiny dick is by all of this! If you enjoy being at the mercy of a powerful woman, I also have the power to shrink your entire body down...I bet you'd like that. *SNAP* Ohh you're so cute and short! Your little hands wouldn't even be able to squeeze my massive buns, they're so minuscule! You know, if you cum, the spell's effects will be permanent. If that happens, no woman will want you because you're useless at this height. You will be devoted entirely to me. *SNAP* Fantasy includes: giantess, shrinking, small penis encouragement, CEI

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